Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

  • We have unrivalled expertise advising on the legal and commercial issues relating to the protection of confidential information, the exploitation of confidential information as a commercial asset and defending claims of misuse or misappropriation of confidential information. Our team has extensive experience advising clients from a broad range of industries on all aspects relating to confidential information and know-how, including know-how relating to industrial processes, formulations, composition of products, manufacturing methods and customer and supplier lists.


    On the non-contentious side, we advise on policies and practices to prevent the unlawful disclosure or use of confidential information, non-disclosure agreements, employee agreements covering non-disclosure obligations and the licensing of know-how over a broad range of industry sectors.


    In the event of any misuse, misappropriation or other disputes relating to confidential information, we have the largest team of litigators in Israel that can handle all necessary proceedings before the courts or in arbitration for the purpose of obtaining injunctions, damages and, if necessary, defending claims. We have a long track record acting on claims relating to the misappropriation of confidential information (including the tort of misappropriation of trade secrets) by former or current employees, potential collaborators and business competitors.

    • Representing Wix.Com Ltd., an Israeli public company, on a copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets and commercial information matter.  Wix is a technology company that engages in online website creation.  We are representing Wix on two interrelated court proceedings commenced by it against certain former employees alleged to have unlawfully misappropriated and used confidential information and know-how belonging to Wix (including, ideas, technologies, inventions, business plans, marketing systems and data regarding profits) for the purpose of promoting, building and designing a competing website and for the purpose of providing competing services
    • Representing Bank Hapoalim, in a trade secret dispute in which the plaintiffs are alleging that the Bank had wrongfully used and incorporated trade secrets of the plaintiffs into a smartphone "app" with similar design and payment functions than those which the Plaintiffs allege they had originally presented to the Bank
    • Representing Mini Israel (adventure park similar to Meadustradam) in a dispute with parties who claim to have rights in the park as they had first come up with the idea to design and construct a similar park
    • Representing Waterfall Security Solutions, a leading provider of strong network security products, in a lawsuit filed against a competitor in the cyber security space on grounds of patent infringement and the theft of trade secrets
    • Representing Teva, the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical company, in a US$ 100 million suit claiming breach of a non-disclosure agreement and theft of a trade secret concerning a blockbuster drug
    • Representing Endemol International BV, the largest franchisee of television formats in the world, in a copyright and trade secret dispute against Israel’s commercial Channel 10 over the "Big Brother" TV show format.  As part of these proceedings suits were filed against Channel 10 and the production company of the program "24/7, the Next Generation", and settlements were reached