• The firm’s dedicated media group provides a full range of specialised services based on a comprehensive understanding of the industry.  Our clients include major film studios, independent production companies, television and radio broadcasters, cable franchisees, internet content providers, program providers, performers, newspapers and the institutions that finance and invest in media activities.


    We advise on the full scope of media law related issues, from regulatory and commercial to M&A, using specialists from our different practice groups including IP, commercial, tax, corporate, finance and dispute resolution. Our extensive experience in the field includes:


    • Representing clients before the Cable and Satellite TV Channel Council and negotiating permits and licences with the Ministry of Communications in connection with the establishing of new cable, television, radio or satellite channels
    • Exploiting and protecting foreign TV format rights
    • Co-development and production agreements
    • Advising on the financing of broadcasters and satellite operators
    • Advising on mergers and acquisitions of media companies, including internet portals and internet sites
    • Advising on intellectual property, competition law and other regulatory issues specific to the industry


    We have represented the successful bidder on the tender for one of Israel's Channel Two’s terrestrial commercial television franchises, major global film distribution companies on their content distribution in Israel, one of the major global non-stop music cable channels on regulatory and other matters in Israel, and Israel’s widest-circulation newspaper on numerous acquisitions and the ongoing regulatory issues arising from the operation of its business.


    • Representing Reshet-Noga (one of Israel's two franchisees of Channel 2 – Israel's main commercial "free to air" TV channels) on numerous media related matters, examples of which include:


    (i) acting for Reshet-Noga on its successful bid for one of the Channel 2 terrestrial television franchises;

    (ii) negotiating the format rights for “the Amazing Race”, “the Voice” and “101 Ways to Leave a Game Show” and movie production agreements, content distribution agreements (for both traditional and new media), agreements with copyright administrators and co-operation agreements with international entertainment agencies (such as CAA format rights dispute with Chanel 10 (a cable broadcaster);

    (iii) acting for Reshet-Noga on a co-development agreement and production partnership with British television broadcaster ITV plc to set up a new venture to jointly source, develop and produce TV show formats in Israel for the Reshet network, the ITV network in the UK and the international market;

    (iv) advising on all legal matters relating to the establishment of Channel HD for its broadcasts on Channel 2; 

    (v) advising on the establishment of a new cable and satellite channel called "Abla Meditation – Channel 25";

    (vi) representing Reshet-Noga on a format rights dispute with Chanel 10 (a cable broadcaster), Channel 10 unsuccessfully petitioned the District Court in Tel Aviv for an injunction restraining Reshet-Noga from broadcasting the program "the Survivors" on the grounds that such broadcast would infringe its format rights in its rival show "Castaway";

    (vii) representing Reshet-Noga in a class action against it in regards to its usage of subtitles for the hard of hearing; and

    (viii) proceedings commenced against the TV Channel by the NGO, Movement For the Quality in Government. We successfully acted for the client in these proceedings which sought to restrain the channel from appointing a well known local celebrity to the panel of the "X-Factor" on the grounds that he was subject to tax evasion investigations


    • Representing Yediot Aharonot, Israel's largest telecommunications and media company, in connection with all media related matters, examples of significant matters include:


    (i) the acquisition of the children's interactive virtual world internet web site "Mikmak";

    (ii) the setting up of a new sports internet portal known as "One" which ties in with the its cable channel of the same name;

    (iii) establishing a new cable and satellite channel called "ONE -HD"; our work in this field included obtaining all the necessary licences from the Telecommunications Ministry and the Cable Channel Council for the commencement of broadcasting; and

    (iv) the acquisition of the control (approximately 78%) of Ltd – the company that owns the largest Israeli internet job search engine and portal


    • Representing HOT and Keshet (the latter being a terrestrial television company, the former being a cable television company) on creation, production and development agreements
    • Representing Warner Brothers in connection with its motion picture licence agreement with Globus Max Ltd, pursuant to which Globus Max Ltd is granted the right to distribute and exhibit Warner Brother films in cinemas in Israel
    • Representing Endemol International B.V – the world's largest independent television production company on the exploitation of its various tv format rights in Israel
    • Representing a number of radio stations on regulatory and licensing matters before the Israeli Second Authority for Television and Radio, including, for example, Radio 100 FM and Radius FM
    • Representing HOT against Netvision, before the Israeli Supreme Court, in the matter of the Ministry of Communication’s request to grant ISP licensing rights to HOT
    • Representing One HD (a new sports cable TV) against the Sports Channel before the Cable and Satellite TV Channel Council on the packages and rates that can be set for subscribers for such channels from the two main providers of cable programming in Israel
    • Representing NBC Europe and MTV with regard to telecommunications regulatory matters in Israel