• With connectivity comes vulnerability, implying responsibility and liability. In this respect cybersecurity is a legal issue as much as it is an IT challenge.


    Our Cybersecurity Practice Group deals with cutting-edge issues at the intersection of law and technology. We guide multinational and domestic clients on understanding and navigating complex compliance requirements, advise on cybersecurity aspects of cross-border activity, and act in contentious settings upon emergence of any cybersecurity related dispute or investigation.


    Our elite team of lawyers advises and represents clients on issues such as the right to privacy and its infringement, data security, regulation and compliance, database registration, cloud-based storage and use of data, transfer of data outside of Israel, exploitation of data as a commercial asset and others.


    On the contentious side, with the leading litigation practice in Israel S. Horowitz & Co. has naturally been involved in many cases related to the collection, storage, use, processing and transfer of data and sensitive personal information, invasion of privacy, ISP liability and more.


    To provide our clients comprehensive solutions we draw on the firm’s broad spectrum of experience and expertise in overlapping legal disciplines such as employment law, intellectual property, banking law, computer law, securities law, contract law, tort, international law corporate and commercial law.


    Our expertise includes:

    • providing ongoing consultation in the fields of cyber law, data protection and privacy
    • advising multinationals on cybersecurity aspects of their operations in Israel, as well as advising Israeli companies with respect to their operations abroad
    • advising companies within the framework of cyber-related events, including in cases of fear of aggressive activity
    • consultation and representation before the authorities, within the framework of cyber law investigations
    • responding to claims touching on cyber law issues – including computer intrusion, invasion of privacy etc
    • Representing a major Israeli website in one of the first civil claims ever filed in Israel against a computer hacker and against its Internet Service Provider (ISP).  The defendants were sued for damages caused by the hacking into the website's servers for the purpose of sending thousands of fraudulent spam messages to the website's clients advertising a competing website.  The court ordered the ISP to disclose the details of the hacker and later rendered a permanent cease and desist order against the hacker and ordered him to pay damages to the website
    • Representing a major manufacturer of motor vehicles on the data protection aspects and obtaining of necessary licences for the recording of automatic crash response systems
    • Representing one of Israel's prominent news broadcasters in matters relating to libel, invasion of privacy, and regulation, including ongoing advice concerning regulatory and data privacy matters
    • Providing advice on privacy aspects of the employment relationship including drafting guidelines for a major financial institution on the permitted uses and monitoring of electronic communications during the employment relationship
    • Advising a major pharmaceutical company concerning information security, protection of privacy and monitoring of electronic communications by employees
    • Advising a leading foreign bank concerning the protection of privacy of employees and job applicants in the establishment of a database of job applicants