Industrial Action

  • Structural changes in the work force, changes in work conditions, redundancy programs as well as changes in management or share ownership from any proposed merger or acquisition can lead to industrial unrest, demands for union recognition or legal challenges from the workforce.


    We advise our clients on how best to mitigate the risk of any industrial action or legal challenges, whether by guiding them through any necessary consultative process or assisting in negotiations with trade unions or other employee representative groups.


    Where industrial action is threatened or undertaken we are one of the few firms among the leading commercial law firms in Israel which has particular expertise on advising on the response employers should take in such circumstances. We also advise clients on issues arising from the formal request for recognition of a trade union or workers’ committee in the workplace. 

    • Representing the Israel Electric Company (IEC) in an application for an injunction following the decision of the national secretariat of the company's employees to undertake strike action.  This application was filed during a collective dispute relating to a prohibition on transfers of non-standard payments to the company's employees at the instruction of the Supervisor of Wages
    • Representing Dagon Israel Granaries in a collective dispute following Dagon's decision to transfer the chairman of its workers' committee to another department in the company.  The chairman and the union contested that this was an attempt to obstruct his chances in the upcoming committee elections, but following the recommendation of the court, the parties agreed that the chairman would be transferred to such other department
    • Representing HJ Heinz and its operating subsidiaries in Israel in a collective dispute (subsequently resolved) following from its decision to sell its entire operations in Israel and associated redundancy programme. One the firm's partners sat, on behalf of HJ Heinz, on the employer-employee committee that was formed to resolve the dispute
    • Representing the IEC in a collective dispute that broke out following a strike of the company's employees in light of a proposed legislative change aimed at bringing about structural change in the electricity sector for the promotion of competition, including the privatisation of the IEC and the distribution and transfer of its activities to different companies.  As part of this representation, our firm assisted the IEC in an application for an injunction against the employee union for the termination of the strike
    • Representing the Israel Cancer Association in collective disputes following reduction of activity and of payment of additional amounts under the employees' collective agreement
    • Representing Dagon Israel Granaries before the Haifa District Labour Tribunal and the National Labour Tribunal in collective disputes concerning organisational actions taken by employees seeking salary increases on the basis of indexation clauses in collective agreements