Employment Disputes and Class Actions

  • The Employment Department of the firm has vast experience representing clients before the entire range of Israeli labour courts, arbitration tribunals and mediation boards in cases involving individual and collective employment disputes of every kind, including:


    • Labour disputes with employee unions and employee representatives regarding workplace conditions, pensions and employment and termination and redundancy programs
    • Claims of wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, defamation of character and sexual harassment
    • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
    • Confidentiality and trade secret issues
    • Class actions involving labour disputes
    • Sex, race, sexual orientation and disability discrimination
    • Representing the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem in employee and other disputes, including with regard to the demands of dental interns for employment rights during their internship period and in proceedings concerning the reduction in employer pension contributions initiated by Hadassah following statutory reform regarding pension funds
    • Defending the Israel Electric Company (IEC) in a major labour dispute arising out of the privatisation of the company, and separately, representing IEC in several labour disputes with its union and with individual employees with regard to conditions in the workplace, employment agreements, termination and lay-off policies, severance agreements and other contractual issues.  The firm also represented the IEC in a class action in which compensation of millions of dollars was claimed relating to pension entitlements
    • Representing Dagon Batey-Mamguroth Le-Israel Ltd before the Haifa District Labour Tribunal and the National Labour Tribunal in collective disputes concerning organisational actions taken by employees seeking salary increases on the basis of indexation clauses in collective agreements
    • Representing the British Embassy in a lawsuit filed by it against a former employee accused of committing a series of large-scale theft, forgeries and fraud 
    • Representing Dubek Ltd. in an appeal against a judgment of the Regional Labour Tribunal in Tel Aviv ordering Dubek to pay large amounts of severance pay and compensation for late payment.  The firm successfully negotiated a settlement in which the amounts ordered to be paid by the court were significantly reduced
    • Representing Flying Cargo, the local franchisee of FedEx, in a variety of matters, including the following:


    (i) claims filed by courier employees claiming entitlement to overtime.  This claim was opposed on the ground that as employees whose activities were largely unsupervised, the relevant statutory overtime obligation did not apply to them;

    (ii) opposing claims filed by courier employees that a general extension order governing the transportation services sector should apply to them; and

    (iii) claims by self-employed contractors that they should be treated as employees for the purpose of benefits due to them upon termination of the relationship


    • Representing Tel-Aviv University and its technology transfer arm, Ramot, in disputes with employees concerning improper exploitation of inventions and relationships with customers and suppliers
    • Representing a major financial institution in providing advice on privacy aspects of the employment relationship, including drafting guidelines on the permitted uses and monitoring of electronic means during the employment relationship
    • Representing three academics in a petition to the High Court of Justice, challenging the forced retirement law and claiming that age should not be a criterion for judging employees on their ability to perform their duties
    • Representing a leading brokerage company in a discrimination case filed by a broker previously employed by the Company who claimed she was unlawfully dismissed due to gender and motherhood
    • Defending employers in various legal proceedings relating to allegations of unlawful dismissal on grounds of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and unethical or improper conduct