White Collar

  • We are one of the few law firms in Israel with a dedicated team of specialist lawyers acting for foreign and domestic companies, executives and individuals who are facing criminal investigations or allegations concerning “white collar” criminal fraud or misconduct. We have extensive experience advising on investigations and prosecutions ranging from those spanning numerous jurisdictions to those commenced by the Israel Securities Authority, the Israel Antitrust Authority or the State Prosecution Office in respect of securities fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, anti-competitive behaviour, unlicensed export of defence know-how, asset tracing, breach of fiduciary duty, non-compliance with corporate governance and all other forms of alleged misconduct for which companies or corporate officers can be held liable.


    Our team has argued a number of high-profile, precedent-setting cases that have changed the scope and magnitude of personal, executive and company liability under Israeli regulatory and criminal law.


    We have the experience and expertise to handle and deal with the industry regulators who police, monitor and enforce the changing and complex rules and regulations that govern market competition, the financial and securities markets, the insurance industry, the telecommunications industry, the banking sector, tax collection and its enforcement, the environment, corporate governance and other industry-specific sectors.


    The firm has successfully represented our clients in connection with complex fraud-related issues, securities fraud, money laundering, unfair competition practices, corruption and cartel activities, tax evasion, insurance fraud, industrial espionage, criminal negligence, public corruption and personal executive liability for company violations of environmental regulations and health and safety ordinances.  We also investigate, on behalf of clients, internal allegations of company fraud, misfeasance and corruption and have experience, working with US and European counsel, on conducting internal investigations within the context of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the EU’s anti-money laundering and anti-corruption laws.

    • Representing various companies within a major consortium in the field of projects, engineering and construction in hearings and proceedings vis-à-vis various government entities regarding alleged violations of health, licensing, company registration, environmental regulations, building safety and price control regulations
    • Representing a foreign airline and one of its directors in criminal proceedings relating to alleged tax offences committed in Israel.  Our firm was successful in obtaining the cancellation of the charges issued against the director and the closing of criminal proceedings that had been commenced against the corporate client
    • Defending one of Israel’s largest insurance companies in a criminal cartel investigation and subsequent court proceedings involving the leading companies in the Israeli insurance market
    • Representing Israel's largest producer of aggregates in:


    (i) a criminal proceeding concerning offences under the Planning and Building Law relating to the operation of a major quarry in Israel; and

    (ii) together with its executive manager, in criminal proceedings brought by the Ministry of Economy for offences under the Work Safety Ordinance in one of the company's flagship projects


    • Advising the German office of a global law firm with regard to the possible exposure of the firm and its employees to criminal proceedings as a result of a criminal investigation being conducted against a client of the firm in Israel suspected of committing fraud
    • Representing a senior officer of Israel’s largest bank during an on-going criminal investigation into money-laundering allegations made against a number of bank employees
    • Representing a senior officer of one of Israel’s largest telecommunications companies during an investigation into alleged industrial espionage
    • Representing a controlling shareholder of a public company and the public company in a criminal investigation conducted against him and the company by the Israel Securities Authority to investigate whether he and the Company had mislead investors by publishing false financial statements
    • Accompanying an Israeli food manufacturer through an examination carried out against it by the Ministry of Health on suspicion of a violation of Israel's laws relating to health and safety
    • Representing the state-owned electric company on numerous matters, including in criminal proceedings in the courts and in negotiations with enforcement authorities concerning environmental offence charges and threatened financial sanctions
    • Representing Israel's largest oil and gas company and a gas station manager in criminal proceedings concerning offences under the Supervision of Prices of Products and Services Law
    • Representing the deputy director-general of resources of an Israeli port in disciplinary investigation conducted by the Ministry of Finance based on the Ministry's suspicion that he had acted without the necessary approval in the operation of a retirement plan for the employees of the port, this being a disciplinary offence under the Budget Foundations (Disciplinary Judgment) Regulations and the Civil Service (Discipline) Law
    • Representing directors of a major Israeli toolmaking company in a criminal investigation  relating to allegations of fraud and forgery regarding patent applications
    • Defending a senior officer of one of Israel’s largest human resources companies against claims of fraud and breach of trust