Media and Entertainment Disputes

  • Our experienced team of specialist media and entertainment litigators are highly active in defending the interests of publishers, television and radio broadcasters, performers, internet content providers, cable franchisees and all other types of entities involved in media activities, with a deep understanding of the day-to-day commercial and legal pressures in the media industry.


    We represent clients in disputes concerning ownership, royalties, cybersquatting, piracy, television format rights, content licensing and rights disputes, breaches of privacy, character licensing, profit participation, and defamation, as well as concerning such matters as accounting disputes, and associated areas such as competition law and other regulatory issues specific to the industry.


    Our team understands the business of entertainment and seeks to add value at all times, providing risk assessment and pre-litigation strategic advice with a view to helping clients avoid litigation, but effective, experienced representation when litigation is unavoidable.

    • Representing Reshet-Noga Ltd., one of the two concessionaires running Channel 2, the Israeli terrestrial commercial television channel, in a claim filed by Channel 10 in relation to the production and broadcasting rights for the program "Survivor"
    • Representing Reshet-Noga Ltd. before the Restrictive Trade Practices Tribunal in successfully opposing a motion for the approval of a restrictive trade agreement filed by "Tali" (The Collecting Society of Film and Television Creators in Israel Ltd.), and representation in the legislative procedure in this regard (an amendment to the Second Authority for Television and Radio Law) in the Israeli parliament
    • Representing Endemol International BV, the largest franchisee of television formats in the world, for the enforcement of rights and the prevention of infringement of the television format "Big Brother".  As part of these proceedings suits were filed against Channel 10 and the production company of the program "24/7, the Next Generation", and settlements were reached
    • Defending Netex New Media Ltd. (owner of the Buy2 coupon website), in two class actions, one claiming unjust enrichment of Netex from payments received in respect of expired coupons, and one claiming violation of section 30a(e) of the Communication Law (the "Spam Law") in connection with the sending of e-mails to customers.  Both applications for approval of the class actions were dismissed
    • Representing one of the largest newspapers in Israel, Yediot Ahronot Ltd., in a class action in relation to the subscriber system of the newspaper
    • Representing Helicon Records in a series of disputes with two of Israel’s leading musical performers concerning allegations of mismanagement and fraud