Energy Disputes

  • We are Israel's leading law firm for energy disputes. The firm has represented clients on many of the largest and most complex energy related disputes to reach the courts in Israel. Our clients include oil companies, gas companies, producers and distributers of electricity, power operators, mineral companies, service companies, financiers and insurers.


    We offer clients experience, depth of resource and specialist expertise on handling disputes relating to all legal and regulatory aspects concerning the energy sector, including:


    • Disputes relating to faults or delays in the construction of power plants
    • Turbine failures
    • Pipeline disputes
    • Power and gas purchase agreements
    • Energy project construction disputes
    • Disputes relating to the tenders relating to energy projects
    • Regulatory investigations
    • Disputes affecting exploration or power generation rights
    • Class actions relating to the emission of pollutants from power stations
    • Price controls in the energy sector


    Our team has an outstanding record of representing clients in avoiding or resolving disputes and regulatory issues through negotiation, mediation, adjudication, expert determination, arbitration and court proceedings at all levels.

    • Representing the Israel Electric Company (IEC) in opposing a petition filed with the High Court of Justice by Dorad Energy Ltd., a private electricity producer, challenging the authority of the Authority of Public Services – Electricity to make a decision with large economic impact concerning the inclusion of certain services in electricity tariffs for private consumers
    • Representing Paz Ltd. (Israel's largest oil company) in successful judicial review proceedings before the Supreme Court, against the decision of the Controller of Oil and Gas to decrease the profit margin of fuel companies on the sale of certain fuel products that fall under the controlled prices regime
    • Representing Israel Energy Initiatives Ltd. in opposing two petitions filed with the High Court of Justice by the Israel Union for Environmental Defence, challenging the project for the production of petroleum from shale oil. Both the petitions were rejected
    • Representing the IEC in several multi-million dollar claims, including a claim for compensation of approximately US$ 45 million against Babcock Noell GmbH, a German public company, for failure to perform obligations under the contract for the establishment of the Selective Catalytic Reductive system for the reduction of emissions at the IEC's power stations
    • Representing Dead Sea Works (a group of factories in the Dead Sea which produce potassium minerals and bromine from the natural resources belonging to the State of Israel) in arbitration proceedings concerning the amount of mineral royalties payable pursuant to the Dead Sea Concessions Law, 1961.  The State of Israel issued a licence to Dead Sea Works to permit the extraction of certain of the natural resources in the area in return for royalties being paid to the State.  The State claims that for a period of 10 years Dead Sea Works underpaid royalties in the amount of US$ 265 million
    • Accompanying the IEC at numerous hearings before various regulators, including the Ministry for Environmental Protection, and in planning appeals, regarding environmental matters related to the production, transmission and delivery of electricity
    • Representing Daria Energy and its controlling shareholder, Mr. Aviv Daria, in a multi-million dollar suit filed with the District Court of Tel Aviv against the international infrastructure conglomerate Alstom (Alstom SA, Alstom Power SA and Alstom Israel Ltd.) for declaratory and monetary relief due to Alstom's refusal to recognise the plaintiffs' rights to pre-agreed commissions for projects and agreements brokered for Alstom in Israel’s emerging private electricity market
    • Representing Paz Ltd. in a petition filed against it, other gas companies and the Antitrust Commissioner, which claimed that the Commissioner should declare that the agreements between the gas companies and approximately 300 petrol station operators are restrictive arrangements and should therefore be terminated
    • Representing the IEC in all aspects of its activities, including defending class actions, regulatory proceedings concerning licences, tariffs, antitrust matters and development plans, in connection with tenders (the IEC publishes the most and the highest contract value tenders in Israel) and environmental matters