Commercial Litigation

  • Our commercial litigators are widely recognised as formidable advocates and creative problem solvers, with a commitment to understanding our clients’ business. Indeed, Chambers Global describes our top-ranked dispute resolution lawyers as being "in a class of their own". We advise on all types of large-scale commercial disputes, and offer commercially focused and practical solutions for complex disputes affecting our clients’ interests.  We ensure that in the courtroom, tribunal or in mediation, our expertise and our clients’ commercial objectives align to deliver the best outcome.


    We advise clients in every industry sector, ranging from multinational corporations and major financial institutions through to governments and high-profile individuals, and regularly advise on potentially contentious aspects of major corporate and financial transactions.  We cover a wide spectrum of areas including contractual disputes, shareholder actions and company disputes, IT and telecom disputes, IP disputes, anti-bribery and corruption, banking and financial markets disputes, partnership disputes and regulatory investigations.


    We represent clients throughout the entire lifecycle of disputes including fact finding, investigation and risk analysis, class actions and multi-party actions, cross border litigation co-ordination, emergency proceedings and preliminary relief (including freezing injunctions and search orders), alternative dispute resolution and enforcement and recognition of foreign judgments.

    • Representing Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Europe in two class actions filed against them in Israel.  The claims, amounting to a total of approximately USD 100 million, concerned the recall of 32,000 vehicles following an alleged malfunction causing the accelerator pedal to stick to the floor
    • Representing British Airways before the District Court and, on appeal, before the Israel Supreme Court in a class action instituted against British Airways by the Israeli travel agents association and more than 110 travel agents regarding the alteration made by British Airways to its agents' commission payment structure. Both the District Court and the Supreme Court upheld BA’s defence of the claim
    • Representing Ashtrom Group, one of Israel's largest construction companies, and its Spanish joint venture partner, Dragados (subsidiary of the Spanish public company, ACS, Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, S.A, one of the largest civil engineering companies in the world) in a NIS 1 billion (USD 285 million) claim against the Ashdod Ports Authority for additional compensation arising from the Ports Authority's mismanagement of the HaYovel port in Ashdod
    • Representing Readymix, Israel's largest manufacturer and supplier of raw material for the building industry, in various proceedings including:


    (i) a claim against the client for USD 85 million, in which the plaintiffs are claiming that the concrete supplied by Readymix did not comply with the necessary Israeli standards; and

    (ii) a claim for USD 40 million in damages which the plaintiffs are claiming represents the loss and damage incurred by them due to the alleged release of certain environmental hazards by a subsidiary of Readymix


    • Representing the Municipality of Tel Aviv in one of the biggest litigation cases in the history of Israel, concerning a claim by the Tel Aviv Municipality (and other municipalities in Israel) against the Israel Lands Administration for monies due to the municipalities. The value of the claims are approximately NIS 2 billion (USD 500 million)
    • Representing Hilton Hotel Corporation in multi-million dollar arbitration proceedings regarding the unlawful termination of certain management agreements.  The client was awarded in excess of USD 25 million by way of damages.  Also representing Hilton in Hilton's successful defence, in both the District and the Supreme Court, against the defendant's subsequent applications to have the award set aside
    • Representing Club Hotels International, Club Hotel – Management (1996), Club Hotel Eilat, Mr. Moshe Boublil and Mr. Roni Pivko in a suit filed against them and other parties by the Association of Owners of Time Sharing Units in Tiberias Club Hotel, in which claims were made regarding the right of the Association to receive part of the annual maintenance fees paid by owners of holiday rights in the Tiberias Club Hotel
    • Representing a syndicate of lenders comprising the seven largest banks in Israel in a claim for repayment of an NIS 3 billion (USD 750 million) loan granted by the syndicate to Zeevi Management and Financing Ltd. to purchase approximately 20% of the shares of Bezeq, the country’s largest telecommunications company
    • Representing Paz Ltd. (Israel's largest oil company) in successful judicial review proceedings before the Supreme Court, against the decision of the Controller of Oil and Gas to decrease the profit margin of fuel companies on the sale of certain fuel products that fall under the controlled prices regime
    • Representing the Israeli affiliate of one of the "big 4" international accounting firms in a professional negligence suit brought by a bank; the claim was dismissed by the court in favour of the accounting firm accompanied by a significant award of costs in the client's favour
    • Representing Alcoa Inc., in a series of proceedings against the Kaman Group, and its chairman Roni Elroyi, for the recovery of debts in the amount of millions of shekels
    • Representing "Brand For You" in its claim against Rami Levi (Israel's major discount food and grocery retail chain) in a multi-million claim for breach of contract, claiming that Rami Levi had failed to display Brand For You's products in the manner required under the parties' sales and marketing contract and had sold competing private label products
    • Representing Daria Energy and its controlling shareholder, Mr. Aviv Daria, in a multi-million dollar suit filed with the District Court of Tel Aviv against the international infrastructure conglomerate Alstom (Alstom SA, Alstom Power SA and Alstom Israel Ltd.) for declaratory and monetary relief due to Alstom's refusal to recognize the plaintiffs' rights to pre-agreed commissions for projects and agreements brokered for Alstom in Israel’s emerging private electricity market
    • Representing Kital Holdings and International Development Ltd., and Hong Kong businessman, Balram Chainrai, in a claim for damages in excess of NIS 100 million against Arkady Gaydamak, in connection with his failure to complete the purchase from them of the control of Ameris Holdings Ltd., a publicly traded company