Ran  Feldman

Ran FeldmanPartner

  • Ran Feldman is a partner in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group, where he specialises in banking, financial services and investment banking related disputes.


    Ran represents both Israeli and international clients in complex legal disputes and cases in the areas of Commercial Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Law, including, inter alia, shareholder disputes, contractual disputes, class actions and insolvency proceedings. 


    Ran possesses broad knowledge and many years’ experience in providing specialist legal services and advice with the utmost integrity and professionalism.  The litigation cases in which Ran is involved are diverse in scope and include class actions, derivative actions, shareholder disputes and commercial-contractual disputes in the areas of banking, officers’ liability, professional liability, securities, insurance and the like.


    Ran also has rich experience in providing legal representation in relation to companies that are undergoing financial difficulties.  In this context, Ran has been involved in some of the most highly complex and significant liquidation, bankruptcy, receivership and freeze on proceeding procedures ever conducted in Israel.  Further, Ran has for many years provided representation in proceedings that include dealing with complex corporate recovery and rehabilitation plans, the realisation of assets, the investigation of office holders, the filing of claims of debt and the submission of an array of applications as part of the insolvency process, all of these by representing the relevant creditor(s)/debtor(s) before the competent courts or regulatory bodies and by providing all accompanying, ancillary and ongoing support and advice as required throughout the proceedings.


    Within the ambit of his engagement in this sector of law, Ran has represented and continues to represent both Israeli and foreign creditors, including leading Israeli banks and large international corporations located worldwide in insolvency-related cases in Israel.


    In addition, coupled with his degree in economics, Ran is able to apply his knowledge and expertise in this specific area when advising clients on complex disputes involving finance, accountancy and tax-related issues that require, in addition to the necessary legal tools, forensic accounting skills.

    • Representing Bank Mizrahi Tefahot in corporate rehabilitation proceedings commenced against the IDB concern (formerly owned by Nochi Dankner), which proceedings proved to be both intensive and innovative in the insolvency field, since they entailed the simultaneous handling of claims on a number of different fronts and involved leading companies in the Israeli market
    • Representing Israel Discount Bank Ltd. in bankruptcy proceedings initiated against Mr. Eliezer Fishman—which have proved to be the most complex insolvency proceedings ever conducted before the Israeli courts—as well as private individuals in claims valued in excess of NIS 1 billion, and attaining a successful settlement of those claims
    • Representing Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank Ltd. in several highly complex cases, including a complicated case of fraud within the Bank
    • Representing Warner Bros. in connection with insolvency proceedings brought against its Israeli distributor in Israel
    • Representing the luxurious motor vehicle manufacturer, Aston Martin, in a monetary claim filed against it in connection with the importation of Aston Martin motor vehicles to Israel
    • Representing the UK insurance brokerage and risk management firm, “Marsh”, in a claim filed against it (and against other entities) by Israel Aircraft Industries following the explosion of the Amos 6 satellite
    • Providing representation in a long line of shareholder disputes with leading private Israeli companies in an array of fields
  • While a student at Tel Aviv University, Ran was a member of the editorial board of Tel Aviv University’s Law Review: Law, Society and Culture.


    In addition, Ran taught high school students civil and criminal law within the framework of a teaching program initiated by the Law Faculty of Tel Aviv University.


    As a volunteer for the Halev organisation, Ran also provided legal advice to underprivileged individuals.