• Guy Wertheim is a partner in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group of the firm. He has extensive experience in representing international and domestic companies, non-profit organisations, municipalities and high net worth individuals on a broad range of civil, commercial and administrative matters before the entire range of Israeli courts and tribunals.  Guy also represents clients in alternative methods of dispute resolution, including mediation.


    Guy’s practice focuses on high-value complex commercial disputes and class actions and, in particular, conflicts affiliated with the real estate and healthcare sectors. Guy's expertise also includes defending against, challenging and seeking to set aside, before Israel's Administrative Courts, regulatory, ministerial and governmental decisions that affect his clients.


    Guy first joined the firm in January 2007 after having clerked for Honourable Supreme Court Justice Edna Arbel. A year and-a-half later, armed with a scholarship from the prestigious Hauser Global Scholars Program, he left for New York to pursue a graduate degree and, following completion of his LL.M. at New York University School of Law (2008-09), Guy returned to the firm.



    Guy co-authored the book "Fraud and Breach of Trust", which analyses the law with respect to breach of trust by a public official.  The book has been referenced by all of the instances, when adjudicating criminal offences of this nature.


  • Guy’s experience includes the representation of:


    • Maccabi Healthcare Services, one of Israel’s largest healthcare service providers, in several class actions filed against it
    • Maccabi Healthcare Services, in a derivative action in which it and another healthcare service provider are required to file a contribution action against five of the largest insurance companies in Israel with regard to expenses that were expended by the healthcare providers in providing health care services to their members who possess private health insurance
    • The rights holders in and to the internationally-known “RUMMIKUB” game in a claim against a former licensee for breach of the licence agreement, copyright infringement, passing off and unjust enrichment
    • A non-profit organization in a multi-million dollar dispute concerning claims of unlawfully retracting from negotiations in relation to a joint venture project involving the establishment of a new geriatric hospital on land owned by the non-profit organization
    • The Ramat Gan Local Planning Committee, before the Supreme Court, the Court of Administrative Matters, the District Planning and Building Committee and the National Planning and Building Council in a dispute involving a planning program aimed to legalize zoning violations, with regard to a building which is currently being used as a law college
    • Rav Bariach, one of the largest Israeli manufacturers of doors and vehicle protection products in a complex breach of contract and trademark dispute
    • Alonei Abba, an agricultural collective, in an administrative appeal before the Supreme Court concerning a land dispute with the local municipality for the control over public buildings
    • Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha in a land dispute stemming from negotiations for initiating the joint development of an events venue
    • A yeshiva (religious college) in a dispute concerning eviction and monetary actions filed against it by another yeshiva, claiming that a joint venture established by the two yeshivot and subsequently affirmed by both a rabbinical arbitration award and the Supreme Court, had been dissolved
  • While a law student, Guy was a research assistant to Professor Mordechai Kremnitzer in the field of Criminal Law and a member of the editorial board of the Hebrew University’s Law Review: Law (Mishpatim).