Gitit  Levin Grinberg

Gitit Levin GrinbergPartner

  • Gitit Levin Grinberg is a partner in the Antitrust & Competition Law Practice and Dispute Resolution Groups of the firm. Gitit has over a decade of extensive experience, advising clients in civil, administrative and criminal investigations as well as proceedings conducted by the Israel Antitrust Authority (including market, oligopoly, monopoly and cartel investigations). Gitit has extensive experience in appealing to the Restrictive Trade Practices Tribunal on decisions and monetary penalties ordered by the Commissioner of the Antitrust Authority and acting for clients on civil legal disputes involving  antitrust matters. Gitit also assists clients in their ongoing activity, providing legal advice on all possible issues relating to antitrust and obtaining antitrust regulatory clearance in Israel.

    In recent years, a new wave of class actions have emerged in Israel, in which the applicants seek damages following a finding (from the US, EU or Israel) of a contravention of competition law, or based on claims of monopoly and excessive pricing matters. Gitit has been active in this field since its inception and gained a significant role acting for clients in such class actions.

    Her sophisticated and creative approach of filtering through intricate legal and factual material, alongside her ability to explore creative ways of overcoming elaborate, legal challenges, secures her as the go-to person for some of the firms most complex cases.

    In addition to her work in the field of antitrust, Gitit's professional aptitude is extended to other areas, specifically, opposing certifications and defending class action claims in a variety of sectors (energy, media and entertainment, technology, banking and financial).

    Gitit has gained recognition in international antitrust rankings and is repeatedly praised by clients for her professionalism, devotion and diligence, as well as for her uniquely creative thinking.

    Gitit joined S. Horowitz & Co. in 2007, where she completed her internship in the Antitrust & Competition Law Practice Group and qualified as an Israeli advocate.

    • Advising GE Healthcare and Microsoft on the formation and regulatory approvals required with regard to their 50-50 joint venture in the field of Healthcare Information Technology


    • Representing Bank Leumi in an appeal to the Restrictive Trade Practices Tribunal against a decision of the Antitrust Authority to the effect that all major Israeli banks had unlawfully exchanged information regarding fees


    • Representing Fuji Electric following class action proceedings in Israel based on the EU decision to impose fines on what it considered to be a GIS switchgear cartel


    • Representing Sharp Corporation in the defence of a class action that was instituted against Sharp, Samsung Electronics Co., AU Optronic, Chi Mei and LG Display, in which it was claimed that the defendants had infringed antitrust law by conspiring to fix prices for LCD panels


    • Representing British Airways in connection with a class action instituted against British Airways, El Al, Lufthansa and Swiss for allegedly engaging in price-fixing relating to cargo surcharges, seeking to deny class action certification for the proceedings in Israel


    • Represented IATA (the International Air Transport Association) in proceedings before the Antitrust Authority to extend IATA's exemption for the operation of its centralised settling program for airlines and travel agents (BSP), as well as in an application filed by IATA seeking an exemption to set up a similar settling program for cargo (CASS)


    • Also representing IATA in the appeal to the Restrictive Trade Practices Tribunal initiated by the Israel Travel Agents Association which sought to challenge the decision of the Controller to grant the BSP exemption


    • Representing the Israel Electric Corporation (the IEC) in connection with proceedings alleging that the refusal of IEC employees to connect certain private manufacturers of electricity to the national grid supply constituted abuse of a dominant position and a request to issue a mandamus order against IEC compelling it to connect such manufacturers to the national grid


    • Also representing the IEC in a hearing in connection with the Director General’s intention to limit the company's expansion of production capacity given its monopoly power. And recently representing the IEC  and three of its officers, in an additional hearing before the Antitrust Authority prior to a determination on the abuse of monopoly status and notification of the intention to impose monetary sanctions in unprecedented amounts, also personally on the officers.


    • Representing the IEC before the Director General in various matters concerning the natural gas market, including the agreement with the Tamar partnership and the entry of private electricity producers into the market.


    • Representing Teva, a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals, with regard to the Director General’s intent to declare that Teva and several other companies constituted a "concentration group" with regard to the supply of baby formula, which resulted in a consent decree confirmed by the Restrictive Trade Practices Tribunal


    • Also representing Teva in the transaction to dispose of its holdings in a dialysis treatment chain to the German company, Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA


    • Representing Readymix Industries Company Ltd in a hearing before the Director General regarding a draft position paper published by the Antitrust Authority concerning a methodology for defining geographical concentration in the quarry sector for quarrying aggregates.
  • During her legal studies, Gitit:


    • Was selected to study comparative private and public law at the Max Planck Research Institute in Germany
    • Served as a research and teaching assistant at the Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law
    • Participated in the Human Rights Legal Clinic, a pro bono volunteer program providing legal services to needy persons and to deprived communities
    • Acted as director of "Mevu’ot Mishpat", a Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law program, whereby law students teach law to high school students throughout Israel