• Eliya specialises in dispute resolution with a strong focus on administrative law and environmental disputes.  Eliya has extensive experience defending, challenging or seeking to set aside regulatory, ministerial and governmental decisions, before the full range of Israel's administrative courts and tribunals, including the High Court of Justice and the Supreme Court.


    She represents corporate and public sector clients from a variety of industries – notably infrastructure, energy, oil, quarries, healthcare and construction.  She is one of the few lawyers in Israel with the expertise and experience to advise on the legislative framework that applies to the operation and management of quarries and other extractive industries.


    In her administrative law practice, Eliya represents clients in a considerable variety of matters, including tender disputes, disputed land appropriation (against the Israel Lands Administration), financial petitions to the High Court of Justice, class actions and litigation concerning the allocation of governmental resources to HMOs.


    Recognised as being one of Israel's leading lawyers in the field of environmental law, Eliya's experience encompasses advising on environmental and regulatory issues for the minerals and extractive industries and the energy sector as well as for property developers.  Eliya's expertise includes acting on the full range of disputes and challenges relating to the development and use of land for industrial and other purposes, including mineral extraction, construction of power projects, construction of infrastructure projects, manufacturing and landfill.

  • Eliya’s extensive experience includes:


    • Representing Readymix and its subsidiary, Lime and Stone, in a series of claims, including in a class action where the plaintiffs sued for NIS 246 million on grounds that the company’s concrete did not meet the relevant standard.  Also represented Readymix in another class action, in which the plaintiffs, who lived in the vicinity of a Lime and Stone site, had claimed in excess of NIS 40 million by way of compensation for air and noise pollution and nuisance and various other alleged environmental violations
    • Defending the Israel Electricity Corporation (IEC) in many civil claims instituted against it for personal injury, potential future health risks, property damage and diminution in value of properties located in close proximity to electricity installations resulting from electromagnetic fields, including defending IEC in a class action relating to extreme low frequency magnetic fields
    • Accompanying IEC at numerous hearings before various regulators, including the Ministry for Environmental Protection, and in planning appeals, regarding environmental matters related to the production, transmission and delivery of electricity;
    • Representing IEC in a precedent-setting claim, valued at NIS 100 million, in which 150 agricultural co-operatives sued the IEC, claiming the company had used incorrect electricity tariffs
    • Representing the Maccabi health fund, one of Israel's largest HMOs, on a number of petitions before the Supreme Court on matters of principle and financial issues.  One such matter comprised judicial review proceedings challenging the State's method of determining the Cost of Health Index and the funds that the Government allocated to Israel's HMOs for healthcare.  The successful outcome in the Supreme Court led to a major injection of additional government funding for the health sector
    • Ongoing representation of factories and quarries, and the Fund for Quarry Renewal, in administrative claims against the Israel Lands Administration, including regarding rights to land and land allocations
    • Representing Paz Oil, Israel's largest fuel company, in a civil suit brought against it claiming tens of millions of shekels for damages allegedly caused to the owners of residential units in a Jerusalem building, built using structural materials called Pal-Kal, on land that Paz had owned and on which it had initiated the building project and sold the units to the plaintiffs
    • Listed by PLC Which Lawyer? as one of the leading environmental lawyers in Israel.